Volunteer with First Book

In hundreds of communities across the country, First Book volunteers bring new books to children in need through their work on First Book Advisory Boards. Members of college and university communities can also participate through First Book Campus Advisory Boards.

Advisory Board members provide new books to local schools and programs that serve children from low-income families.

Advisory Boards work with First Book’s national office to:

  • Raise funds to provide book grants to local programs that serve children in need
  • Identify local schools and community programs to receive book grants
  • Recruit new members who represent a professional and cultural cross-section of the community
  • Participate in national cause-based marketing events and campaigns
  • Promote First Book and literacy issues within the community

Advisory Board members can impact the quality of education for local programs and classrooms by providing needed books and resources. Although First Book’s Advisory Boards do not typically engage in one-on-one service opportunities such as tutoring and reading books to children, Advisory Board members find it rewarding to be enriching the learning experience for potentially thousands of children.

What are the benefits of volunteering on an Advisory Board?

By volunteering with First Book, you will:

  • Use your skills and talents to make a positive impact in the lives of children in your community
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Develop skills in community outreach, partnership building, fundraising, event-planning and grant writing
  • Join a national network of literacy advocates

Who can serve on an Advisory Board?

Anyone who is committed to providing new books to children in need can join or start an Advisory Board. Advisory Boards welcome members from a diverse cross section of the community including local business owners, librarians, media representatives, elected officials, literacy advocates, social service coordinators, professionals, teachers, senior citizens and members of the faith community. In addition to community members, Campus Advisory Boards include students, faculty and staff.

Find a First Book Advisory Board near you. There are more than 170 boards nationwide.

Start a First Book Advisory Board in your community. No Advisory Board in your community? You can lead the way! We provide plenty of resources to help get you started.

Working with First Book Advisory Boards.

Local Advisory Board Resources. Already registered? Log in to the resource center for tools and tips to support a successful board in your community.

Follow the work of other local Advisory Boards on the First Book Bookmark Blog.