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Equal access to quality education for children in need

First Book's Publishing Partners

Generous donations from publishing partners have helped First Book distribute more than
million new books to children in need since 1992. We provide publishers with a groundbreaking ways to distribute large quantities of extra books to thousands of programs serving children from low-income families through the National Book Bank. At the same time, we bring new customers to our publishing partners through the innovative First Book Marketplace.

First Book also showcases publishing partners, authors and specific titles in cause-marketing campaigns and collaborations with other corporate and nonprofit partners. 

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Corporate Partners

Customized, creative cause-marketing and employee engagement campaigns help our corporate partners meet their business and philanthropic goals.

First Book's Corporate Partners

Nonprofit Partners

non profit partners

First Book uses its innovative distribution channels to bring more new books to children served by its nonprofit partners.

First Book's Nonprofit and Government Partners

Publishing Partners

Publishing companies count on First Book to efficiently donate large quantities of new books to children in need and reach a new and growing customer base.

Publishing Partners

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