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Equal access to quality education for children in need

First Book Partners

First Book is elevating the quality of education for children in need on a permanent, sustainable basis – and we cannot do it alone. Our Partners in Ending Illiteracy represent some of the smartest, most generous organizations across the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. These collaborations help us reach millions of children who can now experience the joy of reading and owning new books.

Our partners are making it possible for us to lead the way in providing new digital content as well, so that the children we serve will be able to access reading as new technology unfolds.

Corporate Partners

Customized, creative cause-marketing and employee engagement campaigns help our corporate partners meet their business and philanthropic goals.

First Book's Corporate Partners

Non-Profit Partners

non profit partners

First Book uses its innovative distribution channels to bring more new books to children served by its nonprofit partners.
First Book's Nonprofit and Government Partners

Publishing Partners

Publishing companies count on First Book to reach a new and growing customer base and provide an efficient way to donate large quantities of new books to children in need.
Publishing Partners