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Children everywhere are hungry for the knowledge they need to read, learn and succeed. First Book is working to break down the barriers to education and reading - including access, price and cultural relevance - and we're committed to bringing brand-new books and educational materials to children throughout the world.

"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."We're building on a strong record of success and growth in the United States and Canada: we reach a network of over 100,000 educators and community programs and we've supplied them with over 115 million new books.

Global Impact by 2016

Over the next three years, we'll bring our proven, groundbreaking model, the First Book Global Marketplace, to the world, reaching 10 million children worldwide by 2016, the first step in ensuring that all kids everywhere have the resources they need.

  • New content.  By 2016, First Book will increase the number of books and educational materials offered on the First Book Global Marketplace to more than 10,000 titles (print and digital), including content from authors and publishers around the world, reflecting a range of cultures and languages, and special content for young women and girls.

  • More resources.  First Book will increase the number of books and other educational materials we distribute from 12 million annually today (in North America) to 30 million annually (globally) by 2016.  This will include a broad range of eBooks, digital resources and other critical items for educators. 

  • Empowered educators. By 2016, First Book's feedback system will give educators unprecedented voice in content creation.  This feedback will enable First Book to address the dire needs of classrooms, programs and NGOs serving children in poverty, letting them direct the selection of books and digital content available on the First Book Global Marketplace and influence the languages and formats available.

  • Transformed lives. By 2016, First Book will grow to serve 10 million children globally, aggregating a worldwide network of 250,000 schools and programs. First Book's outreach will rely on global partnerships with NGOs serving children in need, especially those that support young women and girls.