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Empty Shelves? How You Can Get New Books for Your Low-Income Students

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 – In some of the country's poorest neighborhoods, there is only one book for every 300 children. Their teachers and community leaders are committed to helping our kids learn and succeed, but they need books and resources to do it.

There’s a group that can help. It’s called First Book. If you work with kids from low-income neighborhoods, First Book can help you get brand-new books for them – for free or at low cost.

A nonprofit social enterprise, First Book distributes tens of millions of new books and educational resources every year to schools and programs serving children in need nationwide. First Book’s mission is to elevate the quality of education by ensuring that educators have access to the resources they need to help their students read, learn and succeed.

If you work with kids from low-income families, sign up with First Book today.