Innovation in Publishing

We put groundbreaking ideas to work

We’re trailblazing new ways of doing good by applying smart business practices to make books available, affordable and accessible to educators serving the children in greatest need. First Book is building the first fully inclusive online community of programs and schools serving disadvantaged children and providing them access to educational resources like never before. First Book has created two innovative and powerful distribution channels: The First Book Marketplace and the First Book National Book Bank.

First Book Marketplace

Available only to community programs and schools serving children in need, our award-winning online site offers an astonishing array of high-quality new books – including Caldecott and Newbery winners – at prices 50 to 90 percent below retail.

By combining the purchasing power of schools and programs into a single powerful network, First Book can provide a wide array of new titles at unprecedented prices. We work with more than 90 leading publishers, and more join with us each month. Our network represents a new customer base for them, and they know that the future of publishing depends on helping to create a new generation of readers.

First Book National Book Bank

Publishers have millions of new books that, each year, go unread. At the same time, educators don’t have nearly enough books to reach the millions of children who need them.

First Book created the first and only clearinghouse for publishers’ excess inventory, one that gives them an efficient way to donate large quantities of books – for free – to thousands of programs serving children in greatest need. The Book Bank helps children get more educational resources and also contributes to a stronger, more vibrant publishing industry.

By making large-scale donations to the First Book National Book Bank, publishing companies save the cost of multiple book shipments to fulfill donation requests and can refer organizations requesting book donations to First Book.